woensdag 10 augustus 2011

«Akromiya» terrorists’ double game, or «The Path to Truth» over the heads.

The Andijan events became a real tragedy for our country. And the echo of those terrible events still makes everyone's heart bleed, for whom the homeland - not an empty phrase. Certainly, since that time were written a lot of materials and articles on the Andijan events, including foreign journalists. Alas, mostly are custom-made, provocative and lying, distorting the real picture of the events. At one time journalistic cliche «Andijan massacre», «execution of freedom fighters» was very popular in the Western media.
But, as known, on the night from May 12th to 13th 2005 a group of such «freedom fighters» armed with pistols and rifles, first attacked the patrol service of the Department of Internal Affairs of Andijan region, where gunmen seized firearms. After that, followed the attack on the prison and the release of its more than five hundred criminals. Here criminals armed with an additional arsenal, and then attacked a military unit. The so-called «akromisty» or «akromity» (followers of the movement «Akromiya», based on the ideas of the religious extremist organization «Hizb-ut-Tahrir»), armed to the teeth, badly executed military unit’s staff, who carried on duty. And many of civilians were killed. For example, it is remembered a young couple with relatives and newborn, who was returning home on a car from the maternity hospital, when fighters without warning opened heavy fire with machine guns.
Then, the Uzbek authorities precluded terrorist attack of militants who planned to create in the Ferghana Valley medieval caliphate. They were tried. Foreign journalists and diplomats attended trial. Then, due to the facts of atrocities of bandits, attempts to put their as «victims» who used weapons as a «self-defense» against Uzbek law enforcement representatives were failed. But they used as a shield civilians to protect themselves. In addition, during the trial in 2005, world was shown fighting arsenal of «peaceful demonstrators». There were not only rifles and pistols, but also grenades, explosive devices, and more. Moreover, a large number of weapons in advance, prior to these events has been delivered from neighboring Kyrgyzstan. Alas, not all bandits were punished. The main criminals and instigators of murderous riots in Andijan, the activists' of «Akromiya» - Nurillo Maksudov and his deputy Shamsiddin Atamatov - fled to Kyrgyzstan, where they were in the «refugees» camp created by the UNHCR. They twice betrayed their homeland, leaving the country as the cowardly dogs, got their tails down and leaving a bloody trail of crimes. For example, it was Nurillo Maksudov the leader of staff and one of the main organizers of terrorist acts, riots and killings of innocent people. In particular, under his order were shot city prosecutor and three militaries. He personally opened fire towards the soldiers, causing them to return fire, while he cowardly hid behind civilians. Also «Distinguished» Shasiddin Atamatov. However, the biographies of these thugs are very similar. Both in 1996 were involved in this religious extremist sect, but after three years on the initiative of the founder of «Akromiya» A.Yuldashev entered the management team «vosity» in Andijan. Under their leadership, there were weekly sessions with young people with the book «The Path to Truth», in which was justified the need for a medieval caliphate and the overthrow of the current ruling regimes throughout Central Asia.
It is noteworthy that «The Path to Truth» also presupposed a detailed acquaintance with a Kalashnikov assault rifle and other weapons, and ultimately the destruction of all «infidels» ...
After the failed terrorist attack, both succeeded to get the status of «refugees» and to leave with their family for Germany and Sweden. And, apparently, avoid justice with a whole bunch of criminal, escaped, and sit well below the grass, quiet water. But no! On the Internet, especially during the recurrent anniversary of the Andijan events, materials are published, and sudden you find out that some participants of those events, who could escape from the fair retribution behind the cordon and found a «warm» shelter in some European capitals, or in the U.S., not just drink whiskey there in peace, but somewhere there act, continue to concoct a crime.
I'm pretty vigilant watch over the publications on Andijan, as in our press, and foreign, get acquainted myself with the publications on the Internet. And just recently found out about the creation in German city of Dusseldorf, an organization called «Andijan-justice and revival», which is headed by the same N.Maksudov. I was in burning indignation. How dare they use in the title of this criminal organization such sacred words? What kind of justice it if that man should be imprisoned?
Without a doubt, Germany kept a snake in its bosom, which will show its essence, will bite at the most unpropitious moment. Bandit and he is a bandit in Africa also, and rob from his own circle, apparently, is normal for the leaders of «Akramia» ... Because now the fans of the religion can not share the money, which give them their supporters, thus they bite each other. Now Shamsiddin Atamatov has accused Nurillo Maksudov of embezzling the funding of «organization», saying that Maksudov’s relatives bragging to the neighbors that receive monthly from Nurillo several thousand dollars. In response to that, Atamatov is accused of blasphemy – relationships with unfamiliar women. That scorpions «sting» each other. However, in Uzbekistan, about this «opposition» no one knows, but nevertheless, some foreign intelligence services support them, including financially. Is not it a hypocrisy? Those western countries are active in the fight against transnational and international terrorism, talking about democracy, the rule of law and other human values, but host the instigators of the bloody events in Andijan - in fact, those same terrorists, bandits, murderers and criminals, as nothing had happened.
The role of akromists in the Andijan events is unambiguous and can not be doubted. And hundreds of victims of those akromists in open court proceedings in the Supreme Court of the Republic in 2005, in foreign correspondents presence, required the most severe punishment for terrorists, demanded with tears in eyes, because they were witnesses what «peaceful» akromists do in practice ...
With these facts promoters of democracy and other human values from Sweden and Germany should learn more in detail before so eager to support them. They should ponder over that people shed the blood of innocent people in Andijan, are ready to make this in any country in the world. All the more, they need the «opposition» and «human rights» from time to time, as long as they invest the funds. And then the fighters for democracy and human rights will not be necessary for thugs and religious fanatics, because the true goal of «akromists» is to create an Islamic state «Caliphate», bring into a life this religious anti-human utopia, follow the way of the extremist ideas of «The Path to Truth». For this they are ready for deception, intrigue, and will go over the heads and make many offenses.

Autho: Jamol Akhmedov.